Welcome to Bethel Church of God

What can stop war, the epidemic of violence in our nation and around the world? What can end drug abuse, abortion, divorce, and suicide? What have many failed to understand about the causes? Find the answers to these, as well as other vital questions and teachings.

The Teachings of Jesus
What the Ten Commandments Really Mean
The Parables of Jesus
The Hard Sayings of Jesus
The Fruits of Immorality
Paul On Christian Living
Understanding Paul

Can You Answer These Questions?

Why Were You Born?
Salvation – What Does it Mean?
Sin – What is It?
After Death – What?
Are You a Christian?
What Are the Seven Signs of the True Church?
The Gospel – What is it?

Weekly Services

Bethel Church of God holds weekly worship services every Saturday at 11:00 a.m., Pacific time. For meeting locations on Holy Days, see Holy Day tab.

Oak Grove Community Club
14496 SE Cedar Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97267

Live Streaming Weekly Sabbath Services – 11:00 AM PST