Sabbath Services

Join us each Saturday at 11AM Pacific Time for a streaming audio Sabbath service (services begin streaming at 11:00AM PT).

To inquire about live Sabbath services you may contact us (planned Sabbath services are typically also held at 11:00 AM PT).

Holyday services are audio streamed at 10:00AM & 1:30PM PST unless otherwise stated (Day of Atonement at 1:00PM only).

Additional information regarding Holyday Services (time, location, instructions) may be found in the Holydays Tab Section.

If you do not have internet service available, you can call 805-309-2350 for a conference call streaming service. After dialing and reaching the conference service, enter the Login Number 238435 and then hit the # key.

The questions below apply to the Internet (Bethel Church of God Website, and/or Streaming Services.


For those who are unable to attend services or to listen to the live streaming services, there are assorted Holyday and Sabbath sermons posted on the Bethel Church of God website. You may search by topic or by specific Holyday.

Via the Search section, typing “ULB” (for Unleavened Bread), FOT (for Feast of Tabernacles), as well as “Passover”, “Pentecost”, “Atonement” or “Trumpets” your search will then yield Holyday sermons and articles in your results.

Recently Streamed Sabbath Sermons - Queued to Play (click below)

for Sabbath 11-14-20 |  for Sabbath 11-21-20 |  for Sabbath 11-28-20

  • A Hymn of Praise -
  • A Mighty Fortress Is Our God -
  • All Glory Laud and Honor -
  • All Hail The Power -
  • America The Beautiful -
  • Awake O Eternal -
  • Battle Hymn of the Republic -
  • Bless the Lord Eternal O My Soul -
  • Blest and Happy Is the Man -
  • Blow The Horn Let Zion Hear -
  • By Law from Sinai's Clouded Steep -
  • By The Waters of Babylon -
  • Christ Shall Have Dominion -
  • Come See the Works of God -
  • Come Thou Almighty King -
  • Come Ye Thankful People, Come -
  • Declare His Works to All Nations! -
  • Faith of Our Fathers -
  • For Even From My Youth O God -
  • For The Beauty of the Earth -
  • From All That Dwell Below the Skies -
  • Give Ear To My Prayer O Lord -
  • Give Ear Unto My Words O Lord -
  • Give Ear, O Shepherd of Israel -
  • Give Thanks and Offer Praise -
  • Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken -
  • Go Ye Therefore Into All the World -
  • God Is Our Refuge -
  • God of Glory We Adore Thee -
  • God of Our Fathers -
  • God Will See Us Through -
  • God Be Merciful to Me -
  • God The Omnipotent -
  • Great God Who Made the Universe -
  • Hallelujah! Praise God! -
  • Have Mercy On Me Lord -
  • He Only Is My Defence -
  • He Preserves His Faithful Ones -
  • His Mercy Never Fails -
  • Holy Father -
  • Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord of Hosts -
  • Holy, Mighty Majesty! -
  • How Excellent Is Thy Name -
  • How Long Eternal Hide Thou Away -
  • How Lovely Are Thy Dwellings -
  • How Shall the Young Direct Their Way -
  • I Hate the Thoughts of Vanity -
  • I Will Praise Thee, O Eternal -
  • If I Have Not Charity -
  • I'll Early Seek Thee, Gracious Lord -
  • I'll Sing of Mercy and of Justice -
  • I'll Thee Extol, My God, O King -
  • Immortal, Invisible -
  • In Distress I Cried Unto the Lord -
  • In Thy Loving Kindness, Lord -
  • It Is Good to Sing Thy Praises -
  • Lead Me, Lord -
  • Let There Be Light, Lord God of Hosts -
  • Let This Mind Be In You -
  • Let Thy Mercies Kind Come Unto Me -
  • Lord, Have Mercy On Thy People -
  • Lord, I Will Praise Thee -
  • Lord, Incline Me To Repent -
  • Lord, Teach Me That I May Know -
  • Merciful Father -
  • Mine Eyes Upon the Lord -
  • Most Perfect Is The Law of God -
  • Mt. Zion Stands Most Beautiful -
  • My Hope Is In His Word -
  • Not Many Wise Men Now Are Called -
  • O Come and Let Us Worship Him -
  • O Give Thanks and Praise the Eternal -
  • See Track 72 -
  • O God, We Have Heard -
  • O How Love I Thy Law -
  • O Lord, Our Lord -
  • O Lord, Thou Art My God and King -
  • O My Soul, Bless God the Father -
  • O Thou the Shepherd of Israel Art -
  • O Worship the King -
  • Onward Christian Soldiers -
  • Our God Is Good and Upright -
  • Praise God's Name! -
  • Praise, The King -
  • Praise the Lord, For He Is Good -
  • Praise the Lord, Ye Heavens, Adore Him -
  • Praise Waits for Thee in Zion, Lord -
  • Praise Ye the Lord! -
  • See Track 88 -
  • Praise Ye the Lord, the Almighty -
  • Psalm 1 -
  • Psalm 2 -
  • Psalm 5 -
  • Psalm 7 -
  • Psalm 8 -
  • Psalm 9 -
  • Psalm 10 -
  • Psalm 11 -
  • Psalm 12 -
  • Psalm 13 -
  • Psalm 15 -
  • Psalm 16 -
  • Psalm 17 -
  • Psalm 18 -
  • Psalm 21 -
  • Psalm 29 -
  • Psalm 103 -
  • Rejoice, the Lord Is King -
  • Sabbath Prayer -
  • Save Me O God By Thy Great Name -
  • Search Me, O God -
  • Sing Praises and Rejoice -
  • Sing to the Lord with Cheerful Voice -
  • Teach Me Thy Way -
  • The God of Abraham Praise -
  • The Heavens Gods Glory Do Declare -
  • See Track 116 -
  • The Lord Almighty Is Our Friend -
  • \"The Lord's My Shepherd\". Released: 2009. -
  • The Lords My Shepherd Crimond - Crimond Version
  • The Millennium -
  • The Mountain of the Lord -
  • The New Jerusalem -
  • The Spacious Firmament on High -
  • See Track 124 -
  • The People That In Darkness Sat -
  • Thee I Love, O Lord, My Strength -
  • Thee Will I Love, O Lord -
  • They Are Blest Who Are Forgiven -
  • Thou Art My King -
  • To God All Praise and Glory -
  • To the HIlls I'll Lift Mine Eyes -
  • To Thee I Lift My Soul -
  • Trust In God and Stand In Awe -
  • Turn Thou From Evil -
  • Unless the Lord Shall Build the House -
  • Unto My Earnest Prayer Give Ear -
  • Wake My Heart -
  • We Praise Thee, O God, Our Redeemer -
  • When Israel Out of Egypt Went -
  • See Track 140 -
  • Who Shall Dwell On Thy Holy Hill? -
  • Who, O Lord, With Thee Abiding -
  • Wisdom Begins With The Fear Of The Lord -
  • With Happy Voices Singing -
  • Ye, Who Bear The Name Of Jesus -
  • Zion, Founded On The Mountains -
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Bethel Communication

Note: this chat venue is moderated! Bethel Church of God may deem it appropriate to remove content from time to time. This chat application is provided to assist conversations and fellowship for those who listen to services broadcast via this page.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I listen?

A: You can listen by simply being on this Live Services Page on our website. The live streaming widget built into this page (Mixlr) will play Sabbath services automatically at 11 AM PST each week. Simply click on the Play icon on the right side of the widget. (When the services are live and streaming – the circle of dots will turn into a play arrow like: > .)

You may also listen by visiting our streaming site with Mixlr directly by visiting — If you do not have internet service available, you may call 805-309-2350 for a Telephone Streaming Service.  After dialing and reaching the conference service, enter the Login Number 238435 – and then hit the # key.

Q: Do I need to install any software to listen?

A: This depends on what device you are using. Mobile devices such as phones or tablets running iOS or Android will play without any software. Desktop and laptop computers require Adobe Flash. You most likely already have Adobe Flash installed, but if not you can download it for free here.

Q: I don’t hear anything – what should I do?

A: If you have Flash installed and don’t hear anything, check the time and make sure it is 11 AM Pacific Standard Time Saturday (Sabbath), broadcasts usually begin at 11 AM sharp but may begin a minute or two later.

If it is a time when we are scheduled to broadcast and more than a minute goes by without any activity, try accessing our website in a different browser (Firefox or Chrome as opposed to Internet Explorer).

If you have any additional issues feel free to contact and we will work to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

Q: Why do I hear an echo?

A: You likely have multiple browser windows or tabs open, perhaps separate tabs – one open on our website – and another open on the Mixlr streaming page. Having just one window/tab open on a streaming page will allow just one instance of the stream.

Q: How Can I be reminded or notified about your broadcasts?

A: If you register for a free account at Mixlr (you can do so easily by signing in with your Facebook or Twitter account), you can follow us on our Mixlr page Additionally you can follow us on Twitter @bethelcog.

Any other questions, comments, concerns or thoughts may be expressed by emailing us at: