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Why Did Christ Die?

by David Kortum

How many times have we seen billboards that read, “Christ died to save sinners.” Or bumper stickers that say, “Jesus saves”? Do most people really understand what is meant? Probably not. It is not difficult, however, to know what they mean if one is willing to examine the Scriptures. So, why did Christ die to… Read More

The Proof of Christ’s Messiahship

by David Kortum

Many believe that Christ’s signs and wonders were given to prove His Messiahship. Not so, according to the Scriptures! Christ said He would give one proof only to substantiate His Messiahship. Here it is: “Then certain of the scribes and of the Pharisees answered, saying, Master, we would see a sign from thee. But he… Read More

Seven Reasons Christ Came

by David Kortum

We have often heard the expression, “Christ died to save sinners,” yet most people do not understand what it means. Simply stated, the Bible defines sin as the transgression of the law (1 John 3:4). Man by birth, and by virtue of his nature, is a sinner. Men continually transgress God’s Law-the Ten Commandments. God… Read More

The Kingdom of God – What Is It?

by David Kortum

Is the Kingdom of God already here? Or is it in the hearts of men? What does the Bible really mean when it talks about the Kingdom of God? Where will it be located? Find out the truth about this matter.

The Gospel – What Is It?

by David Kortum

Did Jesus preach about Himself, or did he come with a message? What was His message? What is the Gospel Jesus preached? You may be surprised by what you read.