At the Core of Doctrine for the Church of God

For nearly a generation now, the Church of God has reeled from catastrophic changes within the Church itself. These changes have utterly dissipated the power of God’s people.

Over seventy years ago, the Church of God recognized two vital doctrines as absolutes—

One is the doctrine regarding divorce and remarriage (that marriage is irrevocable—once a marriage is bound by God—it is bound for life).

Another is the time to keep The Feast of Firstfruits, AKA Pentecost—namely that this Holyday always occurs on a Monday, and that the fifty day count toward the Feast is referenced from the morrow after the Weekly Sabbath that occurs during the Days of Unleavened Bread.

One might ask—

“How could a doctrine or a day have any bearing on the spiritual status of the Church, or in any way be implicated regarding the fractured and weakened state that the Church finds itself in today?”

Sadly, for this generation, most have hardly heard of the early years in the revival of the Church of God in these last days—fewer still have heard or recall the details of what was once taught, believed, and lived in the true Church of God.

Nor is there understanding of how and why each doctrinal change is directly linked to our covenant relationship with Christ.

Click below for an understanding of the first major doctrinal change to occur within the Church of the last days.

Understanding the Pentecost Count