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A library of first century Christian teachings and principles, that follows a literal interpretation of the Bible, and resists Greek and Roman influences that crept into the Christian Church after the 1 st century A.D. Please use it and share it freely
as a source of strength and encouragement in the Word of God.

A paradox persists in our present world. Knowledge greatly increases year by year. The store of knowledge and information grows exponentially. The world has become smaller with rapid transportation, and instant information and communication, the norm.

What a marvelous opportunity to be blessed, and to experience abundant joy and live life to the full!

Yet the world’s problems have vastly increased with mankind’s scientific development and growth.


Because Truth Has Been Forsaken

God's Holy PlanSuch a devastating price has been paid, because of the lack of True Knowledge in the world today. There is a great need to understand the purpose for human life.

Humankind has not understood the purpose for creation or human existence…  nor have we known how to truly fulfill this very life that we have been given; for we do not inherently possess such vital Knowledge.

Yet the answers and the Solution have been being presented to mankind from the very beginning. Even the vital meaning and purpose for our very existence!

Answers that will resolve the epidemic of violence in our nation and across the globe. The Meaning and Purpose in life that will bring an end to the addiction, abortion, divorce, suicide—all of the tragic heartbreak so commonplace in our world today.

Find the answers to these challenges and other vital questions and teachings as this resource helps to reveal Biblical truths, and the positive eternal purpose that God is preparing for you—for all of us—to forever rectify this poignant human travail.

The Instruction Manual, the Operator’s Guide, for Life

The vital message of the Bible reveals the dynamic blueprint of God’s Holy Plan. He will take all of humankind’s arduous history of suffering and transform it into a bright future where mankind’s grief and pain will turn into full joy and rejoicing.

God is creating a future that will ultimately yield joy, peace, prosperity and abundance. God is preparing a world tomorrow and an eternity that will be void of the heartache and grief so common today. God’s Kingdom will be brimful with goodness and true rightness. Such abundant love and virtue that can only proceed directly from God.

Only God can provide the love that will fulfill His right way of living. Love that from the heart truly fulfils outgoing concern toward others that is at least equal to the love for self. History has revealed -is still revealing- that this is what is absolutely required in order for true and genuine peace to prevail on the earth—and to flourish for all of creation through all of time.

God provides the only way that you and I can experience forgiveness—and His divine holy power—in order to fulfill such a gigantic requirement. It is only through His boundless divine help that all things are wholly changed and made right. It is through this power of His indwelling Holy Spirit that we experience truest love and begin to fulfil the utmost abundant life.

These characteristics of true genuine love and life are the absolute most priceless riches that there are. And it is His plan that we boundlessly carry within us these purest most valuable treasures that exist for all eternity, for ever and ever, without end.

The Bible contains the answers to these vital questions:

The Word of God explains these and countless vital, meaningful, necessary answers about life and living.

Join with us, as we earnestly contend for the Faith which was once delivered to the saints (Jude 1:3).