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Understanding the Pentecost Count

by David Kortum

For nearly a generation now, the Church of God has reeled from catastrophic changes within the Church itself. These changes have utterly dissipated the power of God’s people. Over seventy years ago, the Church of God recognized two vital doctrines as absolutes—the doctrine regarding divorce and remarriage (that marriage is irrevocable— once a marriage is… Read More

The Facts About Pentecost

by David Kortum

Those who keep Pentecost on Sunday ridicule a Monday Pentecost. Are there some things Sunday advocates are overlooking? Read this article to get all the facts.

The Doctrine Of Pentecost – How And Why It Was Changed!

by David Kortum

By Paul Royer and Bryce Clark In 1974 the Worldwide Church of God changed its teaching on which day to observe Pentecost-from Monday to Sunday. Pentecost is the only holy day that must be counted. The Bible instructs us to count 50 days and then keep Pentecost. In spite of what may have been stated… Read More