Religious Deception

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Conquer Deception Through Christ

by David Kortum

A National Geographic documentary television show called “Brain Games” delves into the human brain and its capacity to be easily manipulated. A test is conducted on the streets of America in which a random person is asked to view a photo image. The image is the famous picture of a Chinese student protestor standing in… Read More

Critical Events Ahead

by David Kortum

Bible students are aware that near the “time of the end” the world will be facing trouble never before seen. So precarious will this time be that Christ said: ” . . . Except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved . . . ” (Matt. 24:22). The Moffatt Translation adds… Read More

Your Worship – Is Something Missing?

by David Kortum

Thousands of professing Christians are deserting the established churches and seeking spiritual satisfaction elsewhere. Is something missing in many mainstream churches? Maybe you should take a closer look at what the Bible indicates about true spirituality.

What Is The Faith Once Delivered?

by David Kortum

Does Truth come by scholarship and progressive change? Should each generation have its own set of doctrines? What is the faith once delivered? This article may surprise you.

Could You Be Deceived?

by David Kortum

Thousands know the Worldwide Church of God is no longer the church it was. Was this the prophesied “falling away”? And if so, when did it begin?