Most Americans of Caucasian stock have little knowledge of their ancestry. At the most, they can go back no more than two or three generations. This lack of knowledge is partially responsible for the moral and spiritual decline of our civilization. In addition, the American people are largely unaware of the real reasons for the tremendous economic success and world influence the United States enjoys. This article is intended to address these issues. A proper understanding of these truths will help every sound-minded American appreciate what God has really done for America. Above all, it should serve as an impetus, a wake-up call, so to speak, for the responsibility God gave our ancestors many years ago, and which we, as the descendants of those people, have failed to recognize or appreciate. May the thoughtful readers of this work profit from what they read, and come to recognize the individual responsibility they have in revitalizing their knowledge of and relationship with their God, who is the Ruler of the universe.

The reader should be aware of some facts regarding the various dates to which we refer in this work. Various authors cite dates that go back prodigious periods of time. As far as history is concerned dates much beyond 4000 BC should be discounted as excessive. Various ages such as Old Stone Age, Copper Age, and New Stone Age represent cultures, not elongated periods of time. These terms were originally chosen in order to date various tools and implements that have been found in archaeological diggings. The fact is: Various tools and metals that make up certain cultures were used earlier in some regions than in others.

Spellings of tribal names such as Keltoi or Celt, Cimmerian, Kimmerioi, or Cimmerii come from Greek and Roman pronunciations. The reader should not become confused by the interchangeable usage of these names, as they are different ways of spelling the names of the same people. Many strange-sounding tribal names do appear, but we have attempted to keep these at a minimum. Only a few of these names are important.

The reader who wishes to check the sources quoted or referenced in this work will find there has been no attempt to distinguish an author’s remarks from his original source. In quoting or referring to various authors as the source material, we have not always distinguished the original source cited or to which he referred. The original source material can be checked out, though some of the reference works are difficult to find. Once again, the purpose of this work is to help the reader truly appreciate God and to establish a proper relationship with Him.