Think About It…

Had Enough of Christianity?

Recently, a well-known author of a series of romantic vampire novels has disavowed her belief in Christianity.  Interestingly, just a few short years ago, she had reasserted her belief in her religious roots.  But now she has joined the growing throngs of individuals who want to be spiritual, yet who have a disdain for organized religion.  She says that she remains “committed to Christ as always, but not to being ‘Christian’ or to being a part of Christianity.”

Organized religion – especially organized Christianity – is increasingly being treated with contempt, disdain, sarcasm and disrespect.  Prime-time cartoons regularly mock Christianity.  Stand-up comedians get an easy laugh as they tell crass jokes about Christianity.  And anything that smacks of Christianity in the classroom is avoided like the plague, due to a twisted interpretation of separation of church and state.

The aforementioned author’s books are read by the millions.  With her decision, she will, no doubt, be influencing others, due to who she is.  Those who are not Christians will feel vindicated.  Those who are Christians will begin to question their beliefs.  She is just one more voice who millions will listen to.  Because she is a religious expert?  No, because she writes well and people are hooked on her novels.

Within the past year, a popular daytime talk show host promoted a book entitled “The Secret,” which describes a “feel-good-wish-upon-a-star” new-age religion.  Similar to the “Think Method” in the musical “The Music Man,” adherents are taught that thinking something will make it so.  Do you want to be rich?  Then you need to think that you are rich.  Do you want to be successful?  Then you need to think that you are successful.  Millions will listen to this talk show host, too.  Because she is a religious expert?  No, because she has a talk show with high ratings and people are enraptured with her program.

A few years ago, a well-respected and award-winning actor makes a movie.  He was the director, producer, and co-writer.  He also paid for the movie.  The movie, although controversial, does unusually well for having no major studio backing.  Although the movie is not entirely accurate to the New Testament portrayal of Jesus Christ, it does manage to garner quite an audience of Christians and non-Christians alike.  The end result is that the controversy actually helped promote discussion of Christ and Christianity.  A few years later, this same individual gets arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.  He says some horrible things while intoxicated.  Certain controversial aspects of the movie are now reinterpreted based upon statements he made while under the influence of alcohol.  Many are quick to jump on the shortcomings of an individual and seize the opportunity to find fault with Christianity.

“What would Jesus do?” is a question that many have been asking.  Perhaps the better question is “What did Jesus do?”  Those who insist on forsaking Christianity – the religion named after Jesus Christ – would be surprised to learn what He and the early church actually taught.  This information can be gleaned from the pages of your Bible.  Sadly, much of what was taught by Christ and His followers stands in stark contrast with what is currently being taught by most major Christian sects and denominations, including the largest one.

While it may be admirable for someone to take a stand against what they see as the faults of modern-day Christianity, forsaking Christianity altogether is not the solution.  Replacing Christianity with new-age concepts is also not the answer.  And pointing out the faults of others who don’t live up to basic Christian principles is also not an excuse.  There is another option.  A better and more temperate solution is to replace the faults of modern-day Christianity with the faith that was once delivered to the saints.  Have you had enough of Christianity?